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Quick Business Update:

Soleil Chartered Bank now offers its BG/SBLC/DLC and other instruments in Chinese Yuan! 

Finding the right banking institution for your trade finance needs is not easy. We hope our years of experience and honest reputation provide security in an uncertain world. 

We have been in the trade finance space for over 10 years now. Our continued success and presence is a testament to our loyalty and honesty to our clients.

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Manage and solve global trade finance documentary needs.



Soleil Chartered Bank (SCB) is an international trade finance institution created to manage and solve global trade finance documentary needs. With a world-wide scope, SCB provides global trade finance solutions to Banks, Brokers, Corporates and Individuals.


SCB financial instruments are used by traders, companies and individuals to meet required trade finance needs. SCB global presence and knowledge help provide a solution that is flexible and cognizant of the needs of our clients.

Our services are dynamic and efficient. We offer competitive choice for our clients when aiming to fulfill their trade finance needs.


SCB is registered in the Union of Comoros and has its correspondence trade offices in Bucharest, Romania and New York, New York.

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